Amaysim Australian sim card




Amaysim is a mobile service that offers low prices for calls, text messages and data with excellent coverage throughout Australia on the Optus network.


Amaysim is simple to understand

Most Australian mobile services, have confusing rate plans that include flagfalls (a connection charge of up to 40c per call on top of the per minute cost) and misleading capped plans (where the mobile network makes a big deal about giving you something like $100 of value for $20 while glossing over important details like the fact that your calls can cost around 90c per minute with a minimum monthly commitment even if you make very few calls).

Amaysim is different. It is unique among Australian mobile phone services in that its call charges are actually easy to understand, and not only that, they’re the cheapest deal available on the Australian market.


  • No flagfall, Australia-wide. The per-minute call rate is all you pay!
  • No charge to receive calls. All incoming calls are free!
  • No minimum contract term or minimum fees.
  • Easy to activate online and when you activate you get offered a choice of phone numbers to choose from.
  • Credit is valid for 90 days on As You Go tariff, 28 days on monthly prepaid plans.
  • Fast 4G LTE data on the Optus 4G network.
  • Excellent coverage on the Optus network, which covers 98.5% of the Australian population.

A choice of five simple rate plans

When you activate your amaysim Australian sim card you have the choice of five simple rate plans. We generally recommend the As You Go plan for occasional use or one one of the four month-to-month plans if you need a lot of data or need to make a lot of international calls.

As You Go
Pay as you go
No monthly charge
7.2c/MB data
12c per minute calls
12c per text message
Cheap international calls
90 day credit expiry
Unlimited 1.5GB
$24.90 per 28 days
1.5GB data
Unlimited calls
Unlimited text messages
Unlimited calls to landline and mobile phones in 10 countries including the UK
Cheap international calls to other countries
Unlimited 3GB
$29.90 per 28 days
3GB data
Unlimited calls
Unlimited text messages
Unlimited calls to landline and mobile phones in 10 countries including the UK
Cheap international calls to other countries
Unlimited 7GB
$39.90 per 28 days
7GB data
Unlimited calls
Unlimited text messages
Unlimited calls to landline and mobile phones in 10 countries including the UK
300 minutes to landline and mobile phones in 22 countries
Unlimited 9GB
$54.90 per 30 days
9GB data
Unlimited calls
Unlimited text messages
Unlimited calls to landline and mobile phones in 10 countries including the UK
300 minutes to landline and mobile phones in 22 countries

Note: included calls in the above tariffs are for standard calls to Australian landline or mobile phones.

Not sure which plan is for you?

The As You Go plan is ideal for occasional use, the Flexi plan suits the average user who needs data access on the go and wants to keep in touch with friends and family and really heavy phone users will find one of the Unlimited plans the best deal. If you’re not sure which plan is best for you, it’s best to activate your sim card on the As You Go plan and if you find yourself spending more than $20 in a month you can switch to the Flexi plan, or switch to one of the Unlimited plans if you find that you’re spending more than $30 per month.

International call charges

Amaysim is a good value option if you plan on making lots of international calls. International call charges are very low (in many cases even cheaper than a local call) and you get free international calls to 10 countries (including the United Kingdom) if you are on any of the Unlimited plans.

In addition to unlimited calls to 10 countries (including the UK), if you’re on either the Unlimited 7GB Plus and Unlimited 9GB plan you also get 300 minutes of calls to 22 additional countries.

If you are on the As You Go plan, the Flexi plan or you are calling a country that is not included as a free call, your call costs are as follows:

 Call to a landline phoneCall to a mobile phone
Hong Kong6c/minute6c/minute
New Zealand6c/minute16c/minute
South Africa8c/minute29c/minute
Sri Lanka15c/minute25c/minute
United Arab Emirates15c/minute29c/minute
United Kingdom6c/minute16c/minute
United States of America6c/minute6c/minute

All international SMS text messages cost 25c per message.

Check amaysim’s full price table for the cost of calls to other countries.

Free incoming calls

As with all Australian mobile networks, it is always free to receive calls (including international calls).

[box type=”tick”]All incoming calls are free when using amaysim in Australia[/box]

Can I use it in an Apple iPhone?

The amaysim will work in your iPhone as long as your iPhone is unlocked. You will need to contact your mobile operator to have your phone unlocked and bear in mind that unlocking an iPhone is a more complex procedure than most other phones and will involve a reset in iTunes. Depending on your home network, it can take up to one week to unlock an iPhone. Apple iPhones purchased from an Apple store are usually already unlocked and ready to use with any SIM card.

As long as your phone is unlocked, it will work with all services including voice, text messages and data. The amaysim sim card is designed to be used both as a regular mini SIM card (for the original iPhone, iPhone 3 and iPhone 3Gs) and as a micro SIM (for the Apple iPhone 4 and 4s).

The Apple iPhone 4 and above will also work on the 900MHz 3G band giving you fast data access in remote areas of rural Australia. Earlier 3G iPhones (the iPhone 3G and 3Gs) will give you 3G data access in most large towns and cities but will download data on the slower 2G network in rural areas.

The iPhone 5 and above will also give you access to the fast Optus 4G LTE network.

Can I use it in an Apple iPad?

No problem. The amaysim SIM card comes as a micro SIM that fits in the original iPad and the iPad 2 and as a nano sim for all newer versions of the iPad including the iPad Mini, the iPad Air and iPad Pro allowing you to access Optus’ comprehensive 3G network and 4G LTE networks. All iPads (except the original iPad) also give you access to the 900MHz 3G band giving you fast data access in remote rural areas of Australia (the original iPad will still give you 3G data in most large towns and cities, but data will be slower in rural areas).

It is recommended that you pay $9.90 for the 1GB data pack, which gives you 30 days to use 1GB of data (or sign up for one of the larger data packs if you plan on spending longer than a few months in Australia). Without one of these data packs, data is charged at the standard rate of 7.2c per MB.

Can I use it in a BlackBerry?

Although you can use this sim card to make and receive calls on a BlackBerry, you cannot use it to access the internet (including email and BBM) using a BlackBerry device. It will work fine with all other smartphones (including all Android phones, Apple iPhones and Windows Phones) but not BlackBerry devices.


You are now able to tether (use your phone as a mobile hotspot) with the amaysim sim card. Tethering is disabled by default on Apple iPhones, but you can easily enable tethering on your iPhone by texting the word TETHER to 568.

Please note: you cannot tether using amaysim in a tablet such as an Apple iPad, but you can tether using amaysim in a mobile phone.

What’s the coverage like?

Amaysim has excellent coverage using the Optus network, which covers 98.5% of Australia’s population. Over the last few years Optus has been expanding its network coverage by an average of two new base stations a day. The Optus network gives you regular GSM coverage on the 900Mhz GSM band throughout most parts of Australia, with 2100Mhz 3G coverage in most large towns and cities. If you have a phone that also includes the 900Mhz 3G band (as opposed to the regular 900Mhz GSM band), such as the iPhone 4 and above, you get even better coverage including 3G coverage on rural highways and even in remote outback communities.

How do I add credit?

You can either buy additional credit online through the amaysim website, by calling amaysim on 567 from your mobile in Australia or 1300 808 300 from any other phone.

Alternatively, you can buy credit vouchers from over 14,000 locations throughout Australia including 7-Eleven convenience stores, Caltex petrol stations and Woolworths supermarkets. Vouchers come in $10, $20, $30 and $50 denominations.

Why you should buy an Australian SIM card before you leave home

  1. You can give everyone your Australian number before you leave home. If you wait until you get to Australia you can easily spend $10–20 in credit phoning friends and family to tell them your new Australian number.
  2. You can divert your home phone to your Australian mobile before you travel so you don’t miss a call.
  3. You can print your Australian mobile phone number on stationery – essential if you’re travelling on business.
  4. You can put your Australian mobile phone number on your CV so you can start looking for work before you arrive in Australia.


Will the SIM card work in my mobile phone?

The amaysim Australian mobile phone sim card will work in any unlocked GSM mobile phone that operates at the 900Mhz and 1800Mhz bands. This includes virtually all dual-band mobile phones from Europe and the UK. This is a universal sim card that will work as both a micro sim for the Apple iPhone 4/4S and Nokia N9 and also as a regular mini sim for all other phones. A nano SIM for Apple iPhone 5/5C/5S/6/6 Plus/6s/6s Plus and SE, Motorola Moto X and Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 is also available.

How do I know if my phone is locked?

Before you travel put the amaysim (or any other sim that’s not from your regular mobile network) into your phone and turn it on. If your phone shows a network name it is unlocked, if it says something like “Network locked”, “SIM locked” or “SOS only” then your phone is locked into your home network.

How can I unlock my phone?

If you’re still in the UK it is relatively easy to unlock your phone. If you are on a contract you can simply call up your regular mobile network’s customer service and ask them to unlock your phone. This will usually involve them giving you a code, which you enter into your phone to unlock it and make it compatible with sim cards from all networks. Many networks will do this free of charge if you are a good customer, but some networks may charge you for this service. Alternatively, you can go to a small independent mobile phone shop and pay them around £10 to get your phone unlocked (larger mobile phone shops may not offer this service but most small independent shops will).

You can read more about unlocking your mobile phone here.

How much will it cost people to call me?

The cost of calling depends on your phone company’s rate to Australian mobiles. For calls from the UK, BT charge 29.36p to 51.38p per minute plus an 8p call connection charge (the charges vary according to which calling plan you have with BT). Other phone companies may be cheaper and you can reduce the cost by using a service like Rebtel (USD 16c per minute plus the cost of a local call) or by using Skype (13.3p per minute) or Vonage (8p per minute).

How long does my account stay active for?

If you are on the As You Go plan your credit will stay active for 90 days, then you will have zero credit but your number will remain active for a further 90 days before your account is closed. In other words, your number will remain valid for 180 days from the last date that you add credit.