BTC Bahamas sim card




This prepaid sim card from BTC (Bahamas Telecommunications Company) is the best way to avoid mobile roaming charges when visiting the Bahamas. Your SIM card comes with a Bahamas mobile phone number and there is no contract, credit check or monthly payment.

Call charges

Peak7am–7pm, Monday–FridayBSD $0.33 per minute
Off peak7pm–7am, Monday–FridayBSD $0.15 per minute
WeekendSaturday–SundayBSD $0.20 per minute

SMS text messages

5c per message within the Bahamas, 15c per message for international text messages. SMS text messages are free to receive.

MMS picture messages

40c per message. MMS picture messages are free to receive.

Data access

It is recommended that you add a data package for the best value data access.

Fast 4G LTE data
500MB data allowance
Valid one day
*205# to activate
$7/10 days
Fast 4G LTE data
1GB data allowance
Valid 10 days
*205# to activate
Fast 4G LTE data
2GB data allowance
Valid one month
*205# to activate
Fast 4G LTE data
3GB data allowance
Valid one month
*205# to activate
$30/35 days
Fast 4G LTE data
4GB data allowance
Valid 35 days
*205# to activate
$50/40 days
Fast 4G LTE data
7GB data allowance
Valid 40 days
*205# to activate

To add a data package you first need to top up enough credit to cover the cost of a data package and then dial *205# to choose your data package.

The standard data charge of 5c per KB will apply if you do not add a data package.

Other calling features

All prepaid customers get caller ID, call waiting, multi-party calling and voicemail free of charge.


BTC has coverage throughout the Bahamas. You can check your coverage here.

Adding credit

You can buy prepaid credit from convenience stores and supermarkets throughout the Bahamas.

Once you have a phone card/top-up voucher you can apply it by dialling *44, then press 2 and enter the number on your phone card.

How long is my service valid for?

Your service will remain active for 90 days from when you last added credit to your prepaid account. Your account will become inactive if you go for more than 90 days before adding credit.


Above call charges are in Bahamian dollars.

Additional information

Sim card size

Micro sim, Nano sim, Regular (mini) sim