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We searched for the best value pay-as-you-go mobile phone sim cards for travellers visiting the United States and found that the T-Mobile USA sim card is the best overall option for visitors making a short trip to the USA. This sim card combines a generous data allowance with low cost local calls and ease of topping up at thousands of shops throughout the United States.

It is cheap for your friends and family to call you since calls to mobile phones in the United States cost the same as calls to landlines. In many cases it will be cheaper for your friends and family in the UK to call you on your USA mobile that it currently costs them to call your UK mobile.

Recent changes with T-Mobile’s sim card activation process mean that it is no longer possible to obtain your US mobile phone number prior to arriving in the United States.

After arriving in the United States you will receive a text message with your US mobile phone number.

If you need to know your US mobile number prior to travelling to the USA we advise you to order a sim card on the AT&T network (please note: sim cards on the AT&T network work out more expensive than T-Mobile).

Features of this sim card include:

  • Includes unlimited incoming calls, unlimited calls to US landline and US mobile phones and unlimited data (with your first 6GB at up to 4G LTE speed).
  • Includes unlimited calls to landline phones in 70 countries including the United Kingdom.
  • Includes unlimited calls to mobile phones in 30 countries including the United Kingdom.
  • Includes 30 days service.
  • You can easily extend your service for a second month by topping up enough credit to cover the cost of another month of service (USD $70).
  • With this sim card your mobile service will be ready to use as soon as you arrive in the USA. Please be accurate with the travel dates you give us when activating your sim card, as the sim may expire if not used immediately in the USA.
  • Easy to activate yourself (you can activate yourself online prior to travelling).

Activated on a great value tariff with free calls to the UK

We activate your T-Mobile USA sim card the Simply Prepaid plan with the following features valid for 30 days:

  • Unlimited incoming calls
  • Unlimited calls to US landline and US mobile phones
  • Includes unlimited calls to landline phones in 70 countries including the United Kingdom
  • Includes unlimited calls to mobile phones in 30 countries including the United Kingdom
  • Unlimited data (with your first 6GB at up to 4G LTE speed)

Your first 30 days service is included with the cost of your sim card. To continue your service for an additional 30 days you will need to top up an additional $70 credit.

Please note that the T-Mobile monthly rate plan outlined on this page is a prepaid plan. There are no contracts to sign and no minimum term to commit to. All of these plans are suitable if you’re visiting the USA for only a couple of weeks.

You can activate your sim card online prior to arriving in the USA so it is ready to use upon arriving in the USA.

If you would like a specific area code or need your number further in advance of your travel date, we recommend that you look at the AT&T USA SIM card that we also sell.

This SIM card is pre-activated and ready to go. All you need is an unlocked mobile phone that is compatible with T-Mobile’s US mobile network.

Making international calls

This sim card comes set up with T-Mobile’s international calling package which gives you unlimited calls to landline phones in 70 countries and unlimited calls to mobile phones in 30 countries, including the UK.

You have unlimited free calls to the following countries:

 Landline phonesMobile phones
Costa RicaUnlimited-
Czech RepublicUnlimitedUnlimited
Dominican RepublicUnlimited-
Faeroe IslandsUnlimited-
Hong KongUnlimited Unlimited
New ZealandUnlimited-
San MarinoUnlimited-
South AfricaUnlimited-
South KoreaUnlimitedUnlimited
United KingdomUnlimitedUnlimited
US Virgin IslandsUnlimitedUnlimited

Topping up your credit

Although your T-Mobile USA mobile service comes with the features listed above, you may need to top up your credit if you are staying in the USA for longer than 30 days or if you need to make any calls or use other services that are not included in your rate plan.

You will need to top up credit in the following situations:

  1. If you are staying in the USA for longer than one month. To continue your mobile service for an additional month  you will need to top up USD $70.
  2. If you want to upgrade to a higher plan. T-Mobile has several other prepaid rate plans and it is easy to upgrade your service to a higher plan if you have blown through your included high speed data allowance and don’t want to work with the slower throttled data speed. Upgrading to a higher plan generally involves topping up around USD $15 and calling our US support number to change plans.
  3. If you want to make any other calls that are not included as a free call on one of T-Mobile’s monthly prepaid plans. This includes international calls countries where free calling is not available as well as premium calls (for example, in case you want to vote for American Idol).

It is easy to top up your credit. You can top up online at ding.com, or you can buy T-Mobile refill cards from 90,000 locations throughout the United States including convenience stores, discount department stores, electronics shops, pharmacies, supermarkets and T-Mobile shops.

You can top up with refill cards available from the following retailers in the USA:

Your credit is applied automatically when you top up online at ding.com. If you buy a refill card from a retail store in the USA, follow the instructions on your receipt to redeem your voucher.

Details about topping up your account are included with your SIM card.

Will this sim card work in my mobile phone?

You need an unlocked phone that is compatible with T-Mobile’s USA mobile network.

This sim card comes as a multi-cut sim card that will work with all phones. 

Your phone must be compatible with the 1900MHz 3G network used in the USA and you will get faster data and better coverage if it is also compatible with LTE bands 4 and 12.

Many newer phones sold in the UK and Europe will work on LTE band 4, which will give you faster data in most large cities; but only the Apple iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and the iPhone SE will work on LTE band 12, which gives you expanded coverage in rural areas.

We don’t recommend using a phone that only works on 2G data speeds in the USA as older phones that only work on the 2G network will give you patchy coverage as T-Mobile is in the process of switching off their 2G network.

Please note that this sim card is for use in mobile phones only. It will not work in data-only devices such as dongles or tablets including Apple iPads.

What’s the deal with unlocking my phone?

When you buy a mobile phone it is usually locked into the network you bought it from; this means that it will only accept a sim card from that network. If you call your mobile phone company, they should be able to unlock your phone for you so it will accept any sim card (including the T-Mobile USA sim card).

Unlocking an Apple iPhone is a two-step process, the first step involves contacting your network to request your phone to be unlocked, once this has been completed you may need to restore your phone in iTunes (although this may not be necessary if you are on iOS7 or newer and usually backup your phone to iCloud).

Please note some networks can take 30 days or longer to unlock their customers’ phones. It is important that you contact your mobile network to organise that they unlock your phone well in advance of travelling abroad.


The T-Mobile 3G and 4G mobile network offers good coverage in most areas of the United States including Hawaii and even Puerto Rico.

T-Mobile are in the process of upgrading their entire network to high speed data and have switched off their 2G network in many places so you will need a phone that is compatible with the 1900MHz 3G band (it is no longer sufficient that your phone works on the 1900MHz GSM band), although you will get faster data access if your phone also supports LTE band 4 and much better coverage if your phone also supports LTE band 12.

T-Mobile have aggressively expanded their coverage over the past two years. Over the past two years T-Mobile as expanded their coverage by over one million square miles and their coverage now serves an additional 100 million people. However you need a phone that is compatible with LTE band 12 (which includes the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and the iPhone SE) to take advantage of this expanded coverage.

If you have a phone that supports all T-Mobile’s bands including both LTE band 4 and LTE band 12 you will have full access to T-Mobile’s network which covers 304 million people in the USA with an average data download speed of 21.7 Mbps.

The following coverage map shows T-Mobile’s coverage if you have an Apple iPhone 6S, 6S Plus or and iPhone SE (or another phone that supports LTE band 12):

T-Mobile USA coverage with iPhone 6S, 6S Plus and SE

If you don’t have one of the latest Apple iPhones then it is likely that your phone does not support LTE band 12. Without LTE band 12 you will still have  nationwide coverage, although coverage in rural areas will be patchy (or non-existent) and coverage will be limited in Alaska and large parts of Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota.

The following coverage map will be more accurate if you don’t have one of the latest iPhones:

T-Mobile coverage map without LTE band 12

Please note that coverage will be limited in Alaska, even if you have one of the latest iPhones. If you are travelling to Alaska we recommend that you consider buying an AT&T sim card.

Activating your service

We have set up an activation site specifically for activating T-Mobile sim cards purchased from us. It is important that you activate through this site only (you will not get your included call and data value if you activate directly with T-Mobile).

When you activate your T-Mobile sim card with us you need to supply the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your sim card number (the number printed on the back of your sim card that starts with 89 and ends with an F)
  • Your IMEI number (this is a serial number unique to your phone that you can find either by going into your phone’s settings or by entering *#06# into your phone’s keypad)
  • Your travel dates (both the day you arrive in the USA and the day you leave to come home)

After submitting your activation we will set your sim card up for you so it is ready to use as soon as you arrive in the United States. This can take several hours so it is best not to leave this until your travel date.

We will text your US mobile phone number to you on the date you arrive in the USA.

How long will my service remain active for?

When you buy your T-Mobile USA sim card from us you will get up to 30 days service.

If you are staying longer than one month you can extend your service indefinitely by topping up between USD $70 every 30 days.

What sort of phone number will I get?

You will get a US mobile phone number with an area code from Chicago and the surrounding region.

In the United States mobile phone numbers have area codes, just like landline numbers. It is the same price to call a US mobile phone as it is to call a US landline phone, which means that it is generally very cheap for people to call you on your US number (although call rates will vary depending on the phone company and calling plan that the person calling you is on).

It generally doesn’t matter which area code you have, although some people like to have a number from a particular city. Your area code has no impact on the cost of making calls (you get free calls to all US numbers regardless of area code) and in most instances it makes no difference to the cost for other people to call you (although some US landline phones charge more for non-local calls, the majority of people in the USA have some sort of unlimited call package where they can call any US number regardless of area code).

If you want to choose a specific US area code you will need to purchase our AT&T USA sim card.

In the United States (as with most other countries) when telephone numbers expire they are put back into circulation so your US mobile phone number may have previously belonged to someone else. This is basically an issue with all phone numbers, anywhere, but it is more noticable in the USA where there is a shortage of phone numbers per area code (because they still use seven-digit phone numbers). To avoid running out of numbers, they are recycled shortly after being disconnected. All phone companies do this, and it is certainly not an issue that is unique to T-Mobile. Unfortunately, this means that some people have received calls and text messages intended for people who previously had their phone number.

What is my total cost to get started?

This sim card costs £72 including up to your first 30 days service. This includes a bundle of calls and data so there is no more to pay unless you use services that are not included in your call and data bundle or if you are staying in the USA for longer than 30 days.

Most people just pay the £72 for the sim card and never need to top up any additional credit.

What restrictions does this sim card have?

This sim card does have some restrictions although most people won’t find this an issue.

  • You will not be able to choose your area code (your sim card will come with a Chicago area code).
  • You cannot port a number to your sim from another carrier, nor can you port your number to another carrier.
  • You cannot get your US mobile phone number until after arriving in the USA.
  • The first use of this sim card must be in the USA. You cannot insert the sim card in your phone until you arrive in the USA.

If you are moving to the USA to live or study then you may find it more flexible to buy a local sim card after arriving in the USA as this will allow you to choose your area code and port your number to another carrier at a later date. However these restrictions won’t be an issue for the average short-term tourist.